Sage Country Veterinary Service Boarding Kennels

Boarding Dogs and Cats

Whether you are going out of town for one night or several weeks we can give your four legged family member a home away from home! We offer overnight boarding accommodations to fit all of your pet’s needs! We can accommodate one or two dogs in one kennel as long as they live well together and the size of the dogs allow enough space to be comfortable. Our cat condo can accommodate one cat per individual condo with the option of conjoining two condos if both cats live well together.

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Boarding Rates

We offer rates by the night and also daily rates for pets dropped off for a short visit during our normal business hours. Rates are listed below.

Dog Rates

$25 per night

Cat Rates

$15 per night

Daily Rates

$13 per day

We are closed for all drop off and pickups on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years day


In our dog boarding side of the facility we have nine kennels available for use and in our cat facility we offer four condos for your feline family members. Our next project will be to build a fenced in outdoor exercise area for outside playtime with the Sage Country Veterinary staff. We also encourage you to stop by and tour our facilities at anytime to see what we have to offer you and your family!

During their stay, every dog receives:

Minimum of three walks a day

Feeding at your instruction and please bring your own food its easier on their tummy

Minimum of two kennel cleanings a day

Daily medication administration as needed (Possible Additional Cost)