Our mobile practice is designed to come to you. We have a pickup equipped to handle large animal farm calls. You have probably seen us driving around. There are flat rates instead of a mileage fee for a travel charge depending on where you live and if you pool your neighbors together, the travel charge can be split between all of you! For our "Traveling Wednesdays" to Crane -the farm call is discounted to $15.00 for large animal calls since we are already in the area

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o  Brucellosis vaccinations

o  Bull Breeding Soundness Exams

o  Trich testing

o  Health Certificates

o  Herd Management Consultation

o  Reproductive Services including Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis, Calving Difficulties and Prolapse repair

o  On Farm Minor Surgeries

o  Genex breeding services


 o Preventative Care, Vaccinations and De-worming recommendations

o Equine Dentistry

o Field Surgeries including Castrations

o Emergencies including Laceration repairs and Colic work ups

o Reproductive Services

o Lameness Exams

o Pre-purchase Exams

o Coggin's Testing and Health Certificates

o In House Blood Analysis for Preventative Care or Sick Animals

* We have a great relationship with referral clinics in Idaho and Bend so we can work together to provide the care your horse needs


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o  Artificial Insemination

o Breeding Soundness Exams

o  Reproductive Services including Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis

o  Field Surgeries including Castrations

o  Herd Management Consultation

o  Preventive Care Exams

o  Dentistry